Welcome to Dwight for School Board, Seat 5

Our Schools... Your Voice!!

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Do our schools need change?

Join with me and we can make a change in our education system. Throwing more money at a problem, does not solve the problem. Creative innovative ideas will. 

The Platform


My Campaign Platform

As your representative of the Rochester School Board, I will EDUCATE you about the ISSUES in our boardroom, then LISTEN to your ideas and input. I will use my research skills to explore what other schools and districts are doing. My final vote would seriously consider all of these factors.

We will RETHINK EDUCATION, by looking for creative and innovative ways to improve our classrooms and the operations of our district. We will strive to be the leader of EDUCATION INNOVATION, not a distant follower.

TEACHERS ARE OUR GREATEST RESOURCE, and our board members need to open up the communication channels with our most valuable assets. We need to reward teachers who are going the extra mile and improving their classrooms. The Rochester School District needs to be the place that every teacher wants to teach. 

Employees and Board Members of the Rochester School District are PUBLIC SERVANTS; we serve parents and students. I want to serve you, and be your voice, with the Rochester School Board.


United By A Common Goal

I want what is best for the students, teachers and the community. Quality education in a safe environment. That's why I'm running for School Board. These simple goals are not out of reach and are not unrealistic. 


Get Involved

I can't win this election without your help. passing out fliers, word-of-mouth, sharing posts,  and donating are all ways of helping achieve our goals together to better our schools in Rochester.